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Super Stroke Traxion Pistol 2.0

  • $ 29.99

NO TAPER TECHNOLOGY® | Even Grip Pressure
Patented No Taper Technology® creates even grip pressure for a more consistent
stroke. Parallel design has uniform lower hand profile to minimize grip pressure and
maintain putter head path for a more consistent stroke.

TRAXION™ CONTROL | Enhanced Feedback Zones
Building on the superior feel and playability of the original SuperStroke putter grip, the
new Traxion™ offers an advanced surface texture design for enhanced feedback.
The strategically designed Traxion™ zones on the tacky polyurethane outer layer offer
an amazing comfortable feel leading to greater overall confidence.

TECH-PORT | Advanced Putting Performance
Designed to accept all SuperStroke “Tech-Port” accessories including the
CounterCore weight system to engage the larger muscles for a more stable and
repeatable putting stroke. Utilizing such muscles helps to reduce putter face angle
rotation caused by wrist manipulation while improving putting stroke path for greater

SPYNE™ TECHNOLOGY | Repeat Hand Positioning
Advanced Spyne™ Technology is specifically engineered to aid in repeatable hand
positioning. Repeatable hand placement leads to greater consistency

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